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A perfect dovetail?


Click here to download a printable instruction sheet for use off line / in the workshop. This version is for use with the Jig Method.

Alternatively, Click here for an instruction sheet for the spacer method. Please note that the spacer method is less suitable for high quality work and these details are not being maintained or updated.

A set of Sketchup plans to make a "Perfect Dovetails" jig is available for download here. Sketchup 2016 is needed to open the plans. Please note that these plans are to fit a Sheppach Basato 3 and will need modification to fit other bandsaws.

The design tool has extensive context-sensitive help, but if you would like a reference sheet, you can find one here.


Books "The bandsaw book" by Lonnie Bird
Techniques Removing waste
Fitting joints together
For the jig plans Sketchup (free)
To read and print .dxf files LibreCAD (2D, free)
TurboCAD (3D, commercial)

Note that the .dxf file has only been tested with the software mentioned above (under Windows 10). The suppliers of TurboCAD also provide a free app - DoubleCAD, which has not been tested.


The suppliers listed below were used in this project. If they or other suppliers wish the author to add further comments, please add a comment.

Bandsaws and pillar drills Kendal Tools
Bandsaw blades Tuffsaws
Famag drills Workshop Heaven
Toggle clamps Axminster